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Our work

Excellent branded apps, games and responsive websites

Our Campus
Our Campus
Otto PetCare
Otto PetCare
Lane Crawford
Lane Crawford
Heineken Green Room
Heineken Green Room


Depending on your specific needs and support required, we offer a full range of mobile services from pure consultancy through to development and launch.

Mobile Consultancy

UX Design

UI Design

Game Concept & Production

Development & Build

App Publishing & Marketing

A word from our clients

"The Mobile Now team were brilliant to work with and really know their stuff when it comes to game design, production and game publishing on the App store. It is really enjoyable to produce such quality work together."

Andrew Spear

Mindshare, China

"We have the most beautiful travel image library on the planet but we still needed an iPhone App to bring them to life on our favorite touchscreen. Thank you Mobile Now Team for your great help in making it happen and your valuable advice, input and flexibility at every milestone!"

Samantha Spruce

Lonely Planet, Australia

"Thanks Mobile Now, mission accomplished! Quite a success to deliver the deVere iPad and iPhone Apps within such a tight time line. Our Client was very happy with the end result!"

Peter Williams

Boston Funds Direct, Singapore

"Breeze Living has been a project of true passion for all of us involved from the very beginning. It is incredibly fulfilling to finally have our baby on the App Store. Mobile Now has a team of extremely creative people that really do understand iPhone!"

Melissa Wong, Albert Xu & David Lynch

Standard Chartered Bank, China