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To build an Ecommerce Mini Program, allowing Pure’s range of fitness and yoga products to be easily accessible via WeChat.


As the popularity of yoga and fitness grows in China more people are seeking classes and studios to fulfill their passion. Invariably one of their first ports of call is WeChat.

The Pure Mini Program has thus been built to showcase classes for yoga and fitness, including trial passes, as well as coupon gifting opportunities. Additionally, upcoming Pure events are also presented to allow users even more choices and options.

Once in the MP, users can easily view class details and make purchases directly. QR codes are provided so the user can present these when they reach the studio itself.

Orders for Pure yoga and fitness can be managed independently in the user’s personal centre. Details of classes can also be shared with friends, or even gifted, if users want to invite a friend to join a class.

A simple PMS and OMS allows product on the Ecommerce module to be easily managed and fulfilled respectively. Integration to Pure CRM, also ensures membership status is recognised on the MP.


Soft launched in April 2019 with early success, establishing WeChat as an additional sales channel.