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Infiniti's global chatbot Idris, developed by Critical Mass, required repurposing, so that the helpful product discovery and lead generation tool, could be deployed in the China market and embraced by Chinese consumers.

Idris had originally been created to be accessed from Facebook Messenger, as well as using a global Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution to understand the intent of the user.


A mini program was chosen as the new front end, consumer facing interface. Easy access from Infiniti's WCOA was key, as well as being able to daisy chain into the existing Book a Test Drive MP.

A China based NLP solution was also incorporated, to empower Idris to accurately and promptly engage in conversations with consumers on a range of questions and comments, on the new QX50 SUV.


China has now been successfully added to list of markets that are now able to interact with Idris, around the world.