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Sephora x Benefit


To create a new Ecommerce channel, allowing Benefit products to be purchased via a Mini Program.

Maintain the same ‘best in class’ standard of customer experience, as the existing Sephora MP.


With the fast evolution of WeChat, it has become essential for retail cosmetic brands to have an MP based, Ecommerce platform, conveniently accessible for WeChat users.

As sister brand Sephora had already delivered such a MP solution, it made sense to utilise this wherever possible, whilst still ensuring the experience was truly Benefit.

This was achieved by full integration with Sephora’s PIM, OMS and CRM platforms, allowing a seamless experience for the consumer regardless of which channel they initiated or continued their Benefit user journey.

However being a Benefit specific experience, only Benefit products and orders are searchable and visible on the Benefit MP. Two way synchronisation does provide continuity though, should the user later switch to the Sephora MP.


Full launch on March 8th, 2019 with great initial success.