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As a pioneer in the mobile space, KFC was quick to embrace mobile as a key platform for customer engagement. As a result, native apps were soon deployed to enable a slew of services to be offered to customers; ranging from highlighting events and promotions, through to accessing menus and organising deliveries.

However as the category has matured and consumers have become more discerning, a need existed to try and consolidate these services into a single experience.


Recognising that consolidating multiple experiences into one is no simple task, the need for a high fidelity prototype became paramount. Both from an internal evaluation perspective, as well as testing with end users.

Thus the Super App was borne. Combining important interactions that had previously been managed independently; delivery, pick-up, reservations, coupons, gift cards, and promotions.


The high fidelity prototype allowed the hypothesis to be tested and validated. After a successful evaluation process, KFC Super App has now been rolled out to the app store, ensuring an even better experience for KFC customers throughout China.