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Home Flex


The smart home has well and truly arrived, but how do users manage a multitude of different connected devices, especially in a market that expects a concierge rather than a DIY approach.


Design a slick and clean interface that connects to all smart devices. This allows home owners to make both simple and complex adjustments to their home configuration, aligned to their willingness to embrace the technology at their fingertips.
Home Flex was created to allow everything from climate control, floor heating, blinds and curtains, lights and AV to be controlled directly from a mobile device.
As well as making on the fly adjustments, scenes can also be set so that multiple settings can be adjusted at once, allowing the ambience of an evening to be changed with a tap. These scenes can also be automated, so that blinds can be opened and floor heating adjusted when dawn breaks.
To further enhance user's experience, a remote, control panel has been built for engineers. This allows bespoke changes to be made, without the need to visit the home itself.


Home Flex is currently being piloted, prior to a larger rollout in late 2017.