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Jiazhi runs a lengthy and stringent best in class certification process that authenticates used cars, so that they can more easily be prepared for resale. This especially applies to used cars that are traded in against new models at dealerships.
The goal of the project was to streamline this German designed process, so that engineers can quickly ready used cars for resale.


Progressive phased release of an iPad app to arm engineers with everything they need to undertake the Jiazhi certification process.
Technology and data is leveraged to fast track the process, including scanning previous owners driver's license, coupled with third party database lookups to prepopulate necessary vehicular inputs.

The step by step guide prompts the engineer to add photos and comments where necessary during the evaluation process.

Option included to enable app to connect to Car On Board Diagnostics (OBD) system via bluetooth, to pull relevant metrics.

After guiding the engineer through hundreds of data capture points, the app generates the certification PDF, including an estimation of resell value, which is then automatically made available to relevant parties for a prompt resale.


Jiazhi iPad App has now been rolled out to car showrooms China wide. It's ease of use and thoroughness has also driven further uptake of the service in new car networks.

Additionally given the complex user journey associated with the certification process, a number of rounds of UX optimisation have been undertaken as feedback is taken from more and more users.