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Heineken Green Room


Heineken wanted to include attendees of it’s famed Green Room sessions around AP, in an Original Music Experiment to specifically understand how they saw music.


The event companion app, developed with Arcade Singapore, thus became the enabler of the experiment, allowing guests to ‘see’ music in numerous forms. Ranging from visualisations of one’s dance activity at an event, based on iOS Healthkit and Google Fit data, through to engaging the crowds’ opinion on which abstract visualizations best resonate with a certain music track. All these results are captured in personalised Data Selfie, allowing revelers to relive their night, the following morning.

Additionally the app also allows party goes to interact with a large Orb display installation at each venue where users and VJs beam UGC directly to the Orb.


The Original Sound Experiment will be rolling out at more than 20 events around AP in 2015 introduced new unique ways of interacting with music in the club environment.