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Cheers! by Jerry


To build a handy, go to source for mixology lovers to find reviews and info on bars, cocktails and individual bartenders.
Additionally, and as a result, help drive traffic and sales to listed bars.


The popularity of cocktail culture in China is attracting more people seeking knowledge on the real cocktail world.
The Cheers! by Jerry Mini Programme is helping to create, establish and build a community for cocktail drinkers to share their reviews of different cocktails, served up in a variety of bars.

By accessing the MP, users can easily seek out the best cocktails within their neighbourhood, searching reviews against their own individual taste preferences.

In keeping with the community aspect, Cheers! by Jerry users are encouraged to leave reviews on the platform, for both cocktails and bars, but also the mixologists that carefully craft them.

This helps build word of mouth for bars and bartenders alike, rewarding establishments that go the extra mile in creating and preparing their cocktails.

The platform is powered by a CMS and WCOA, allowing content to be quickly updated, as well as broadcasts planned, to keep users up to date with the latest cocktail news.


Soft launched in Apr 2019 with early success. It has helped attract both newcomers and cocktail fans to many of the initially listed bars.

As more bars join the programme, cocktail officiados will have a rich almanac of where to seek out the finest martinis or mojitos. Cheers!