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Singtel Wellness 360


Overall, create a B2B well-being programme for corporates that encourages employee participants to place a greater focus on their wellness, learn from results and ultimately improve their health over the duration of the programme.

Specifically for participants; create a user friendly interface, allowing employees to keep a food diary, as well as monitor activity and sleep patterns, plus view changes in key lab data metrics.

Finally for the panel of independent doctors running the programme, provide the necessary data and diary content, so that they are able to provide qualified and well considered feedback and suggestions to participants during monthly review meetings.


Mobile app acts as dashboard for Wellness 360 participants to view their activity and sleep stats, via a connected wearable; in this case a wristband.

App also performs as a content generator, for user to create a food diary, with ability to rate food in terms of carb, protein and fat content, in addition to answering periodic lifestyle questions.

All compiled data is available, via a backend to the Wellness 360 medical panel, together with lab tests results measuring vital stats such as obesity and diabetes risk.

This allows Doctors to advise, educate and encourage participants on ways that can better improve their general well being.


Wellness 360 rolled out as MVP via successful pilot and now pending a wider industry launch.