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Otto PetCare


Concerns for the wellbeing of their pets is a key consideration for all pet owners. However, how can this be balanced and prioritised with the increasing pressure on everyone’s time?


With the growth of both Wearables and the Internet of Things, the opportunity arose to leverage this technology in the petcare space.

Otto is an integrated service for pet owners to track, record and monitor their pets’ activity. This complete ecosystem is composed of an activity tracker collar, a mobile application, a connected food dispenser and a cloud service that connects them all togther.

Accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors in the collar, allow the pets activity to be measured. The mobile app acts as the central dashboard to review this data, as well as gauging how the pet in question’s activity stacks up against similar breeds.

The soon to be released food dispenser, then ensures that the correct portion size is made available to the pet, reflecting these inputs.


The Otto PetCare represents an industry first in pet wellbeing.