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Tourism Victoria 心随墨尔本


With China recently becoming the largest outbound tourism market worldwide, it has become key for destinations to adequately cater for this burgeoning group of travelers.

The traditional approach to trip preparation requires careful planning; searching the web, printing out instructions, and mapping out the locations. This is usually done prior to the trip or leaving the hotel for the day.

Well heeled Mainland travelers are also avid users of smartphones.


Porting and optimising existing content for mobile offered the best solution to the challenge.

This allows tourists to access valuable location information and maps anytime, anywhere right from the palm of their hand.

心随境开 features overviews of more than 200 of Victoria’s favourite destinations and events; from meeting penguins on Phillip Island, checking out the fashion boutiques of Chapel Street, to catching a match at the Australian Open, or making a road trip along the Great Ocean Road.

Users enjoy a very rich mobile experience, with 360 degree panoramas to view for inspiration, or the option to seek the advise of the KOLs staring in the current TV campaign for suggested itineraries.

The experience is also fully integrated socially with users able to post back to their favourite Chinese SNSs, as well as create custom photos with iconic Victorian photo frames.


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