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Selecting a fragrance is not a simple task, with different occasions having different requirements. This created the need for an interactive, in store assistant to guide customers through the selection process, when visiting the new Sephora flagship store in Shanghai.


玩香站 (Wan Xiang Zhan) was created exclusively for customers at the new Sephora flagship store in Shanghai. Partnering with Labbrand to deliver this best in class branded experience, the application is centred around four different fragrance occasions; work, dating, going out and gifting. To find the appropriate fragrance, customers answer a few simple questions, allowing the application to shortlist two suitable fragrances. The customer can then make their final choice via scent diffusors, located next to the iPad. Users can share their results via email and SNS. The application also displays full information on each perfume, including audio visual content, pricing and suggestions on similar products that may be of interest.


Coming soon.