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To unify all of AccorHotels’ hotels scattered across China under one official WeChat account with one consistent brand voice, without limiting the ability for individual hotels to reach their own followers.


A customised version of WeChat Now platform was created to include multiple accounts for each of the hotels. These properties all log in to the same content management system with their individual accounts, with one central admin overseeing all activity.

All created content is approved by the central admin before being published, to ensure that all outgoing communications are on brand and relevant.

Each hotel property still retains access to their own group of followers, whilst also having additional opportunities to reach out to the larger group of consolidated AccorHotels’ followers.

Coupled with an additional user survey engine that enriches followers profiles, it therefore allows hotel properties to strategically cross sell across the entire AccorHotel base.


A consolidated account pooling all of AccorHotels’ followers together, while improving follower’s experience by simplifying the process and enhancing the quality of content.