Chery debuts first Europe bound, Chinese SUV; the Exeed

As the first Europe bound Chinese SUV, Chery’s Exeed TX is being closely followed by many industry watchers. After it’s announcement at the Frankfurt motor show in late 2017, it is now in full production.

The Exeed will set an important precedent for future Chinese auto manufacturer exports. This pivotal moment requires ample planning, preparation, and confidence in the product. All aspects of the model need to be competitive on an international stage. This includes the HMI infotainment display, which Mobile Now designed, in collaboration with Frog Design.

Frog led foundational design of the infotainment and cluster instrument, with Mobile Now looking after the comprehensive UX and UI design.

With over 400 screens and states designed along with functional specifications. The scope of work required a deep delve into human machine interactions; closely examining key modules such as navigation, media playback, hands free calling, assisted parking, settings, and more.

The objective was to create a beautiful, intuitive, useful, and safe to operate infotainment solution that enables Chery to bring the Exeed to the global stage.