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Domo: the Journey


Domo, NHK’s quirky mascot, enjoys a cult following both in his native Japan, as well as around the world. His adventures have been well documented on sketches, comics and console games. Horse Feathers wanted to bring Domo to mobile and allow his millions of fans to enjoy gameplay with him on their mobile device.


Create a gameplay that brought Domo to life in this new mobile environment; whilst remaining true to all of Domo’s traits and idiosyncrasies. A storyline was created, taking Domo through five beautifully designed worlds and 25 challenging levels as he seeks to rescue his best friend Tashanna. Domo has his trademark guitar and camera with him, as he battles enemies and obstacles enroute, whilst collecting coins and baseballs, in this 2D platform game. An in game store and virtual currency are also included, allowing users to better equip Domo for his adventures.


Coming soon