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Improve the quality of the existing 3D features in Sofy’s 爱玩苏菲兔 (Ai Wan Su Fei Tu) augmented reality app.

To help refresh the app further, include a new and fun gaming experience to continue to engage users.


爱玩苏菲兔 (Ai Wan Su Fei Tu) has been rebuilt in Unity 3D allowing for a better user experience of the 3D features.

Core functionality including the menstrual planning calendar tool remain. Sofy’s Pocket Magic product is also integral for unlocking content; both for the cute, AR selfies with the Sofy mascots, as well as the new whack-a-bunny game.

This engaging gameplay allows Sofy to connect further with their key 18-24 target audience, further demonstrating that their Pocket Magic sanitary pad can be a lot of fun.


Launched in China, version 3.0 of 爱玩苏菲兔 (Ai Wan Su Fei Tu) was released on January 31st for both iOS and Android.