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Baxter's Nurse Assistant


Nurses are kept tremendously busy throughout their shifts, juggling numerous tasks associated with patient care. This is no more clearly demonstrated than in the preparation of daily prescriptions for all the patients in their ward.

The complexity of the task ranges from; correct preparation of the IV bags, distribution to right patients at the right time, as well as ensuring the correct flow rate is set for each infusion.


Baxter recognised the need to help simplify a nurses day in regard to this complex creation of prescriptions and IV bags. Baxter’s Nurse Assistant (BNA) helps automate the task leveraging smartphone and NFC technology, as well as adding an additional secure process.

Nurses are given directions on the IV bags that need to be prepared that day for all their patients, when they need to be distributed, plus a handy feature to measure the drip rate. All from the convenience of their smartphone.

A simple patient dashboard provides a ward view on exactly what is going on with all patients under their care.


BNA has been piloted in a number of hospitals to user test it’s offering and gain crucial input from the nurses using it day to day.

Feedback from pilot credited BNA with effectively improving work efficiency and allowing nurses to focus more on patient care

BNA has now been refined and officially launched to a wider audience in Sep 2015.