Home Flex empowers users to control every facet of their smart home

Home Flex allows home owners to make the most of their smart homes; whether subtle adjustments, complete changes of scene to suit the mood, or day part, as well as daily automation.

Home Flex is fully integrated to the apartments connected devices, allowing heating or AC to be fine tuned, lighting to be adjusted, blinds or curtains opened or closed, as well as music and TV to be controlled, all from a mobile device.

Appreciating that users may also want to simplify life in their connected homes, Home Flex allows scenes to be created, so that multiple settings can be simply changed at once. These can be initiated by the user should they wish to change the atmosphere post dining, or automated so that blinds open and climate control is updated at day break.

Finally, a remote interface has been created for engineers, so that they can make remote, custom adjustments for home owners, without the need to visit the property itself.