Introducing Cheers! by Jerry


Cheers! by Jerry is an online community for cocktail drinkers to find bars, discover new cocktails and access great deals, all from the convenience of a Mini Program.

Catering to cocktail fans, as well as those new to the art of mixology, Cheers! by Jerry comes with a clean and light interface, so that users can find the best spot to get their favourite whiskey sour.

Users can also share reviews of their bar, cocktail and bartender experiences, to help build the community further. For these, they earn e-points, which can be redeemed via an Ecommerce site, for cocktail related rewards.

Cheers! by Jerry is supported with a CMS and WCOA, allowing bar content to be easily updated by the admin team, as well as broadcasts prepared to keep users up to date with the latest news on the platform.