Introducing Otto PetCare Systems: the only integrated wellbeing solution for pets

Otto Petcare bring an innovative new wellbeing platform to market, that will be welcomed by pet lovers worldwide.

Featuring specially designed activity trackers, that attach easily to the pet’s collar, owners can track, via the mobile app, how active their pets are during the day, even when they are not around.

Backed up with a cloud service that contains a wealth of information on pet activity levels by breed and age, the app also provides advise on whether the pet is achieving their target level of activity.

Aligned to this, the app is also able to advise on portion size recommendations. This in itself, will can also become automated with the soon to released food dispenser. Controlled by the app, owners can decide when and how much to feed their pets.

After all a healthy pet is a happy pet and a happy pet is a happy owner.