iPad App steps up used car certification for Jiazhi in China

Jiazhi equips it's engineers with iPads to conduct an end to end certification test that follows a best in class, German designed process.

The dedicated app, used by Jiazhi's partnering network of car dealerships, provides the engineer with a 100+ point checklist of tasks to run through in order to certify a used car.

This utilises data and technology, wherever possible to fast track and reduce margin for human error. Car licenses can be scanned, together with third party data lookups, in order to partially populate some of the vehicle inputs. The app can also connect to the car On Board Diagnostics (OBD) system to automatically pull such metrics as mileage.

The complete process culminates in the creation of a system generated PDF certificate, which also includes an estimated resell value. The certificate is automatically distributed to relevant parties, so that resale can be initiated swiftly.