KFC raises the bar on consumer engagement, via K-pop and mobile gaming

KFC’s new campaign tasks mobile to drive both brand engagement and footfall into retail, with the launch of KFC玩出味 • EXO-M Edition.

Fans of the K-pop band are given the opportunity to take selfies with the stars of EXO, as well as unlock 20 fun WeChat and Weibo GIFs. There is also an EXO alarm clock to allow users to wake to a video of their favorite star.

The centerpiece and main engagement vehicle however, is a state of the art, 3D dancing game, with 75 levels showcasing the EXO stars and their songs.

Project Director Alexis Fischer cites KFC玩出味 • EXO-M Edition as ‘Our most ambitious game project to date, leveraging a base of solid game and level design, to deliver a highly addictive gameplay experience to users’.

Developed in partnership with Ogilvy, the O2O strategy encourages players to visit KFC restaurants to purchase EXO-M meals and figurines, to fast track the unlocking of content.