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Kiwi Farm


Recognizing the increasingly important role that gaming can play in engaging consumers, Zespri asked Mobile Now to create and develop a bespoke, branded game for them.


Whilst needing to reflect Zespri’s brand values of healthiness, fun-loving, and innovation, there was also a need to develop an app that would have standalone appeal to casual gamers. This was achieved by combining Zespri’s brand essence with a unique vertical farming gameplay. Thus Kiwi Farm was born; tasking players with growing a kiwi vine right up into space in order to harvest enough healthy and delicious kiwis to feed a hungry baby. Gamers are able to call on a team of cute kiwi characters to help them decorate their vine, as well as harvest the all important kiwis.


  • over 7 years of cumulative gameplay

  • 25 mins of average gameplay per user

  • Top 5 Family game in China, Taiwan and Thailand