Introducing Cheers! by Jerry


Cheers! by Jerry is an online community for cocktail drinkers to find bars, discover new cocktails and access great deals, all from the convenience of a Mini Program.

Catering to cocktail fans, as well as those new to the art of mixology, Cheers! by Jerry comes with a clean and light interface, so that users can find the best spot to get their favourite whiskey sour.

Users can also share reviews of their bar, cocktail and bartender experiences, to help build the community further. For these, they earn e-points, which can be redeemed via an Ecommerce site, for cocktail related rewards.

Cheers! by Jerry is supported with a CMS and WCOA, allowing bar content to be easily updated by the admin team, as well as broadcasts prepared to keep users up to date with the latest news on the platform.

Introducing SMCP’s customer service WeChat module

SMCP’s customer service WeChat solution soft launched on Dec. 12, 2018

The bespoke, customer service module running on WeChat Work, provides Store Managers and Sales Associates with a new experience for communicating with customers.

Traditionally this type of interaction takes place on regular WeChat. Although perfectly functional, it does have limitations in terms of brands not being able to oversee the dialogue, as well as managing longer term customer interaction, should a sales associate change role or depart.

With the new solution, customers scan the QR code of a Sales Associate, much in the same way they normally would. This establishes a bound relationship, allowing that Sales Associate to converse with the customer on WeChat Work.

This is when the advantages of WeChat Work come to the fore. As well as the standard chat features, Sales Associates can switch their status between on and offline, if they are not working. They can also reassign the customer to another Sales Associate, should the customer be visiting a different store, for example. Store Managers may also step in and manage a customer enquiry, when needed.

Via the CMS, the Store Manager also has the ability to add, edit and delete Sales Associates, reassign Associates and also follow the chat history of any customer interaction.

All in all, the solution allows SMCP to offer a more professional and adaptable service to their customers.

West looks East: A new world order in mobile

Mobile Now were invited to present at Singapore Management University, drawing on their strong experience of working in mobility in China.

For years, mobile innovation has originated in Silicon Valley and the Nordic nations of Europe. With the possible exception of Japan, all eyes in Asia have looked west for the next breakthrough technology.

In recent times, the tables have started to turn. Asia is now leading the way in mobile and the epicentre of this, is China.

The presentation reviews the mobile ecosystem in China, offering insights into how it has evolved, technologies it has leveraged and pioneering, as well as how this will impact mobile in SE Asia.

How can businesses keep up with China’s changing mobile scene?

Thomas joined China Paradigm for their regular podcast. The topic for discussion on this episode was How can businesses keep up with China’s changing mobile scene?

Host Matthieu David discusses with Thomas; China’s rapidly changing economy and how this fast pace of change is specifically impacting mobility and commerce.

Thomas shares best social commerce practices for WeChat, as well as reflecting on what’s next in China

Listen to the podcast:

Mobile Now 9-year anniversary

Mobile Now Shanghai celebrates the company's 9th year. Two intense rounds of bowling competition led to two winning teams:

Round 1 winners: Liam, Laura, Suzy, Shirely.
Round 2 winners: Liam, Jason, Jane, Ciara.

Cassie awards our first round winners.

The Mobile Now Shanghai team.

Liam achieved the highest score of 130, Thomas and Kevin came in 2nd and 3rd at 129 and 122.

Despite Michelle's textbook form, she was not able to knockdown any pins.

Tom and Shirely in matching outfits. Looking good guys!