No Dice? No Problem. DiceKing™ takes care of that

DiceKing™ rolls out to the app store on Mar 2nd. It provides a realistic dice shaking and rolling experience, which leverages a complex physics engine and 3D dice modeling.

DiceKing™ has no game rule constraints, allowing users to play across a variety of dice games of their choice.

Five different universes are available for selection; each with it's own unique dice and board design.

Home Flex empowers users to control every facet of their smart home

Home Flex allows home owners to make the most of their smart homes; whether subtle adjustments, complete changes of scene to suit the mood, or day part, as well as daily automation.

Home Flex is fully integrated to the apartments connected devices, allowing heating or AC to be fine tuned, lighting to be adjusted, blinds or curtains opened or closed, as well as music and TV to be controlled, all from a mobile device.

Appreciating that users may also want to simplify life in their connected homes, Home Flex allows scenes to be created, so that multiple settings can be simply changed at once. These can be initiated by the user should they wish to change the atmosphere post dining, or automated so that blinds open and climate control is updated at day break.

Finally, a remote interface has been created for engineers, so that they can make remote, custom adjustments for home owners, without the need to visit the property itself.

Galaxy Macau create exclusive offers to build WeChat follower base

Galaxy Macau have prepared a range of time limited offers, exclusively for followers of their WeChat official account.

The WeChat coupons feature offers all across Galaxy's restaurants, hotels, spa, entertainment, and shops. The offers will be available until March 19, 2017.

With a data acquisition goal, the campaign is supported by a reporting module to analyse the relative success of the various offers. This will enable further offer optimisation to take place advance of future initiatives.

Introducing Jones Lang Lasalle's first China specific, property search website features a property search engine that allows the user to find specific office results across the largest cities in China. With both a mobile and desktop optimized design, users can easily and efficiently browse and bookmark office properties to their liking, and be put in contact with a property broker immediately.

The site was built specifically with Chinese users in mind, with their behaviors, preferences, and needs directly informing the design.

With this development, JLL’s world renowned professionalism and expertise is now matched by their digital presence.

Beaumanoir offers shoppers full access to their Cache Cache account on WeChat

Now Cache Cache shoppers can access all their account details directly from WeChat.

In a significant integration project, users can now view everything from order tracking and purchase history to reviewing coupons and receiving the latest mix and match initiative.

Pulling information from a variety of sources, the consolidation offers shoppers a single view for everything Cache Cache. And all with the convenience of being within WeChat.

Real time connectivity ensures that information is always up to date and reflecting latest shopper interactions.

A broadcast feature enables weekly mix and match programme to be communicated to users, with high level of segmentation possible.