Clever Age and MobileNow form strategic partnership

Clever Age and Mobile Now agree a complementary alliance to guide multinational clients in bridging the global digital landscape with the Chinese ecosystem.

With it’s long established presence in Europe, headquartered in Paris, as well as Asia Pacific, Clever Age has broadened it’s AP offering through the strategic partnership with Mobile Now ; the full service mobile agency, based in Shanghai.

Complementary synergy

Clever Age has proven consulting expertise and technical know how, through its 4 entities: Couleur Citron, Clever Garden, Clever Forge and Clever Presence. The partnership with MobileNow builds upon this existing approach by tapping into their expertise on the Chinese digital ecosystem, especially around WeChat.

This geographic synergy will allow Clever Age to deliver a wider offering to it’s European clients seeking to build, or enhance, their operations in China.

Global approach by leveraging the unique China digital ecosystem

The increasing importance of the Chinese approach to digital is now clearly visible on the global stage. This has been witnessed both in terms of the desire of the titans of Chinese digital economy, to grow beyond their home market, as well as the sophistication of the Chinese user, in the way they consume digital media.

Increasingly learnings from China, more so than North America or Europe, will shape global digital strategies.

The partnership has already begun

A number of initiatives have already kicked off between Clever Age and Mobile Now. Primarily focussing on deploying WeChat based, Ecommerce solutions for Chinese overseas travellers, across the retail, luxury and distribution sectors.

About Clever Age

Clever Age is a full-service agency covering the entire digital production chain. Their positioning is firmly 100% digital. Since the creation of the company in 2001 they have exclusively worked on web and mobile projects. The growth of the company has always been done in keeping with their three founding principles :

Independence : advise their customers in the strategic choices they can make with no external pressure whatsoever
Monitoring : their field requires them to maintain a continuous « informed » monitoring in order to set convictions to prevent their customers from heading to the wrong path and to seize opportunities
Durability : their goal is not to « make one shots » but to implement long-term efficient measures

For further information:

Pure roll out an Ecommerce mini program

Pure Fitness recently launched an Ecommerce Mini Program, to allow users to easily purchase a selection of products across their fitness and yoga range.

Each class, pack or special event has a product detail page, to provide more background on the item, as well as allowing the user to select their preferred Pure Fitness or Pure Yoga studio. Payment is made seamlessly and conveniently via WeChat Pay.

Details of classes can also be shared with friends. If users are feeling particularly generous, they can also gift a class to a friend.

Existing Pure members enjoy additional benefits when using the MP, with preferential offers on certain products and events.

Pure MP is supported with a backend CMS, allowing event information and classes to be easily updated by the admin team, as well as managing orders.

Improving teacher parent communications at Wellington and Huili schools

The Education 365 web platform makes it easier for parents to receive communications across Wellington and Huili schools.

Teachers and school staff prepare their comms via a custom CMS, drafting all content, preparing articles and selected which group of parents should receive it.

A review process is also built in, so that necessary approval can be sought for any relevant comms.

Parents access the corresponding Parent Portal, to easily review the latest, as well as historical updates from their school

Brunello Cucinelli Opera Collection Tour comes to China

Italian luxury fashion brand, Brunello Cucinelli have brought their 2019 autumn winter collection from Perugia to China for two weeks. The limited edition, Opera Collection is briefly touring China, allowing boutique appointments to be made in Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian.

A Mini Program has been built to accompany the tour, allowing users to learn more about the brand and the collection itself, as well as book appointments at their nearest boutique. Items from the Opera Collection may also be purchased from the Ecommerce site.

The MP is also well configured for sharing; not just the collection, but also allowing users to invite friends to book an appointment together.

Appointment confirmation leverages SMS and MP service messages to users, as well as email notification to the individual boutiques.

Data tracking is undertaken through a combination of the native backend, as well as some customised configurations.

Introducing Cheers! by Jerry


Cheers! by Jerry is an online community for cocktail drinkers to find bars, discover new cocktails and access great deals, all from the convenience of a Mini Program.

Catering to cocktail fans, as well as those new to the art of mixology, Cheers! by Jerry comes with a clean and light interface, so that users can find the best spot to get their favourite whiskey sour.

Users can also share reviews of their bar, cocktail and bartender experiences, to help build the community further. For these, they earn e-points, which can be redeemed via an Ecommerce site, for cocktail related rewards.

Cheers! by Jerry is supported with a CMS and WCOA, allowing bar content to be easily updated by the admin team, as well as broadcasts prepared to keep users up to date with the latest news on the platform.