Mobile Now Services

Mobile Now Services

With our wealth of mobile experience in planning, UX and UI design, development and launching projects we can provide guidance, assistance and direction to you at each stage of your mobilisation strategy. Whether this is up front consulting on how best to approach a particular mobile assignment, or assistance on rapid prototyping of shortlisted concepts, our team has the expertise and know how to get you to the next step.

Of course, bringing mobile ideas to life from an interaction perspective and ultimately visually is our forte, so if you already have a fleshed out concept, we will make this reality.

Our dev team will also take care of a wide range of builds; from simple standalone, single platforms apps, through to multiple device, multiple platform, server integration and CMS deployments.

If you have an app ready to launch, we can also help you take it to market. With over 40 apps launched to date, we know the trials and tribulations involved with achieving goals and KPIs. We’ve learnt the hard way, so there is no need for you to go through the same learning curve.


Mobile Consultancy

Mobile Consultancy


Concept Stress Testing

How will the idea fly in the real world?
We'll review, map out, assess the competitive landscape, critique and provide an honest point of view on whether it will sink or swim. We can also conceptualise and help you take the idea through research for a more in depth analysis. All without necessarily needing to press the button on development.


Mobile Training

Need to mobilise an idea, or create an idea to mobilise?
We can lead or moderate workshops, or provide a range of training for teams; whether mobile novices or seasoned aficionados.

UX Design

UX Design


User Needs Analysis

Initially delving to understand the requirements of the user from the mobile interaction, then mapping this against specific business objectives.


Information Architecture

Armed with feature sets, we will wireframe each user journey and map out the entire mobile interaction experience.

UI Design

UI Design


Graphical User Interface Design

Only with a full set of wireframes, will we embark on bringing the mobile programme to life; with initial explorations, then fleshing out so that the entire experience can be reviewed.


Mobile GUI Style Guidelines

Where necessary, we will also prepare a full set of style guidelines, indicating how the brand should be represented in the mobile arena.


UI Design Optimisation

The evolution of the mobile task is a continual process and we are always looking into how the user experience can be enhanced. This is driven by both monitoring actual usage of the app or site, as well as the latest technological advancements.

Development and Build

Development and Build


Front End Development

After helping you decide whether going native or responsive best fits the brief, we’ll build up in iOS, Android or HTML5. We’ll also integrate to the appropriate international or Chinese SNSs.


Back End Development

We can add a Content Management System (CMS) to the build; manage, integrate or setup necessary database support; and integrate M-Commerce to facilitate mobile payments.


Testing and Optimisation

Our testing team will develop a robust testing programme for the project, allowing a full debugging process to take place.

Game Concepting and Production

Game Concepting and Production


Game Concept Definition

Whether custom, branded or licenced, our team can help develop the framework through the Game Design Document.


Content Creation

Covering everything from game art creation to level design, gameplay review and optimisation to soundtrack creation.


Monetisation and Pricing Management

Understanding the required ROI from the game; whether monetary or brand specific; we’ll then build the appropriate strategy to deliver this.


Publishing Services

Once the easy part is finished, we’ll help you take the game to market with the necessary launch kits, teasers and PR programme.

App Publishing and Marketing

App Publishing and Marketing


Publishing Strategy

Identifying the best way for your app to reach it's target audience; reflecting both programme objectives, marketing budgets and timings.


Marketing Toolkits

Leveraging app assets, as well as creating bespoke content; both video and visuals to prepare a full press kit.


ePR and Press Relations

Management of an ongoing outreach programme to relevant journalists and reviewers.