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Simple Plug & Play


Traditionally Relationship Managers (RMs) and other client facing, financial services employees have had to rely upon multiple sources of information and various platforms to plan, and undertake client meetings.

Additionally, ensuring that they have the most current documentation, rates and knowledge on the entire product range has been a challenge for banks to manage.

Despite the advent of mobile technology, security also remains, quite rightly, a high priority in this sensitive category.


Simple Plug and Play (SP&P) has been created to revolutionise client engagement. It’s a completely customisable, integrated tablet interface that empowers RM’s to make fully compliant, guided sales presentations.

SP&P aggregates all resources that an RM may need, into a single, convenient interface; creating a paperless environment; yet backed with robust security from industry stalwarts SoftPro and Guardtime.

SP&P content can be managed and updated centrally to ensure that RMs have the latest information for both existing and new product offerings.

eLearning modules also allow RMs to become fully versed on the institution’s full portfolio; including new product releases, prior to making client presentations.


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