Speed Racer


Social Games International (SGI), an LA based digital entertainment group commissioned Mobile Now to create a Speed Racer game. SGI had prepared the original game design, but needed help and support to develop the concept and bring to market for iPhone.


Challenges abound as players learn to avoid deadly obstacles; such as oil slicks, rough terrain, falling rocks and incremental weather, as well as jump treacherous canyons and outrun enemy racers. Before and after each race, Speed Racer: The Beginning also allows players to customize their Mach 5 with performance enhancing tires, power boosts, increased durability, extra lives and additional Trixie helicopter rides. Speed Racer: The Beginning retains the classic look and feel of the original series and gameplay is interspersed with exciting clips from the actual show.


20 levels were developed for Speed Racer: The Beginning in time for launch. The app was featured in iTunes over 300 times in the first week alone!