Mission: Allow SMCP to attract more WeChat users to register, increase their followers and bring more traffic to e-commerce websites. Concept: The mini program (MP) allows »


Mission: Infiniti's global chatbot Idris, developed by Critical Mass, required repurposing, so that the helpful product discovery and lead generation tool, could be deployed in the »

Vacheron Constantin

Mission: Vacheron Constantin wished to get an eCommerce platform up and running on WeChat, with minimal infrastructure development. Concept: 
Two Tencent features were leveraged to make »


Mission With the fast evolution of WeChat, it is key to enable an e-commerce platform based on mini program, allowing WeChat users to access conveniently. Fully »

Chery Exeed

Mission: To raise Chery’s brand profile, engage customers emotionally, focus on differentiating signature features, and create a safe, simple, intuitive infotainment system. Concept: A beautiful, »