WPP builds Our Campus App to showcase new Shanghai HQ

WPP has launched their Our Campus app to provide guidance, information and benefits to both staff and visitors heading to their new location in Shanghai.

Whether it’s the best directions on getting to Hengfeng Rd, or navigating to the right floor on arrival, Our Campus has it covered.

Introductions to the respective WPP companies are also included, leveraging iBeacon technology so that they are made available at the most geographic appropriate time.

For staff, nearby retailers, eateries and other amenities are also listed, with WPP specific deals to be housed in the next version of the app.

Additionally a ‘Talk to Us’ feature, allows any staff member to provide feedback on the building experience, or other features they wish to be added to the app.

This is all managed by a customized CMS, that enables different administrators to update a wide range of content from; directories and galleries to building news and gossip.